Getting Cultured with Aleks Kostka

Helping you get to know more about Culture with a little help from our Head Brewer, Aleks Kostka. Aleks was recently featured on the After Work Drinks Podcast where she shared a bit about her background, how she got into brewing, and shares the history and future for Culture Brewing Co.

On the episode (#7) with Chris AKA “Pooch” , the two first hit it off with their mutual love and appreciation for their shared hometown in Chicago. While Kostka is originally from Poland, she considers the Windy City her home. In addition, the two chatted it up about our participation in Women’s Brew Day on International Women’s Day which took place March 9th. Women’s Brew Day is all about empowering women in the field and encouraging more women to seek out education and roles in the Beer Industry.

For insights on what is coming up for Culture and to get to know a little bit more about our three San Diego tasting rooms, you will want to give this episode a listen!

Find the entire AWD Podcast here:


In addition to the podcast, Aleks also had a chance to chat with the ladies from La Jolla Light and creators of “Blondes on Beers.”

Be sure to check out the full Beers on Blondes article as well:

Culture Brewing Co - Ocean Beach

Culture Brewing Co - Ocean Beach

Caitlin Otis