CHEERS to Gluten-reduced BEERS!

Gluten. It’s the buzzword we have all heard about, but what’s all this “buzz” actually about? Over the last few years, it seems like more and more businesses are catering to this health trend and giving gluten-sensitive consumers more options on the menu than ever before. As a brewery that believes everyone deserves to enjoy a delicious beer, we challenged ourselves to come up with an entire menu of gluten-reduced beers. And that’s just what we did!


Gluten-Free VS. Gluten-Reduced

Many people aren’t exactly sure what a “gluten-reduced” beer actually is. But knowing the difference is especially important for consumers who suffer from a severe gluten allergy or the Celiac’s disease in order to ensure their overall health and safety. For the purpose of clarity, if a beer is meant to be gluten-free, it will be brewed with 100% gluten-free ingredients. However, the FDA has extended this “gluten-free” classification to also include food or drinks containing 20 or less parts per million (ppm) gluten as also be GF, although they are actually just gluten-reduced.

In order to remove gluten ingredients from our beers, we use Clarity Ferm which helps to break down the gluten ingredients making them less harmful for those with the Celiac’s disease. While GR beers are considered safe for our gluten-sensitive friends to consume, we always recommend going with your gut ;) and choosing the best option based on your personal tolerance.


The gluten reduction process happens during fermentation with the use of a special enzyme known as Clarity Ferm. Peptide bonds that link the amino acids, proline and glutamine (the two most prevalent amino acids in gluten), are targeted and cleaved apart by the enzyme in Clarity Ferm, breaking up the gluten molecule. The pieces of gluten can then pass through the digestive system of gluten-intolerant people and those who suffer from Celiac’s disease without negatively affecting the body!


While all of our beers fall below 40 PPM, some styles are a bit friendlier to try than others. The following styles are under 20 PPM and some of the safest to consume for those with a Celiac’s issue:

  • Blonde Ale

  • Vanilla Cream Ale (<10)

  • Milk Stout

  • Pale Ale

  • American Pilsner (<10)

  • Mosaic IPA

  • Baby Legs SIPA

  • Marzen

  • Red IPA

  • Brown Ale

  • Amber Ale

  • American Strong Ale

  • Ginger Snap Red

  • Yikes! My Dude Sour

  • Pineapple Blonde Ale

  • Imperial Stout

  • Equinox DIPA

  • Lil’ Bits Rye SIPA

  • Brut IPA

So if you’re looking for Gluten-Reduced beer in San Diego, Culture Brewing is the place for you!